Equinox Licensing

Equinox Licensing is a research and development, media and support company based in the UK.


Our ethos is not one of making a profit, but to support, encourage others, and using our team's diverse range of skills and experience to create a better environment and more rewarding life for others, particularly the disabled, vulnerable, and those who face daily challenges.


We have divisions developing and sourcing solutions for personal care, health and well-being, household products, and innovative technical solutions for people with disabilities and additional accessibility needs. Many of our team have disabilities or life experiences that give them a particular understanding of the difficulties faced by those with additional needs.


To support the sensory experience our organoleptic department research food and drink and personal care technologies, and develop and source sensually unique flavours and fragrances and essential oils from a carefully curated range of suppliers from around the world.


We have a not-for-profit social support team that provides assistive technology, advice, help, and support to people with disabilities and additional support needs and direct them to appropriate support services.


We specialise in developing and supplying technologies for the media, communications and newsgathering, safety, security, and personal protective equipment for industry, government, health, and social care.


During the coronavirus pandemic, we have worked with existing suppliers and developed positive relationships with many new vendors which have helped provide equipment and support for local government and care homes. We are proud to have helped, with the assistance of our suppliers, to ensure that the elderly and clinically vulnerable and those caring for them have had the protection they need.


Our social research and media team have decades of experience in photography, video, and photojournalism and provide in-depth social research and journalism particularly in the field of social inclusion, diversity, equality, data security, and personal privacy.

Equinox's business is very diverse and covers many industries. We, therefore, have strict guidelines to ensure privacy and compliance and to keep the activities of certain sections of our work separate and unconnected. Our media and news activities are therefore a standalone part of our work for which we apply strict ethical and practical rules and to keep separate from other aspects of our work.

To ensure the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics, all the members of our media team support the codes of conduct of, and are members of, one or more of the following unions or professional bodies:

The National Union of Journalists
The British Press Photographers Association
BECTU / Prospect

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Equinox Licensing Limited is a company registered in the UK number: 05900726

Photo by Augustin Romaneschi on Unsplash